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:iconeimarra:Eimarra posted a status
I might need a new challenge to get me back to posting regularly here. I've been doing some embroidery, so I might post pics of that, but I'm thinking something a little more organized.

Specifically, I made a trip to the art store today, and I was surprised by how much of what caught my eye was stuff I already have -- markers, pastels, colored pencils. (Well, I also looked at fixative for pastels, but as they all say "don't use in high humidity," it's rather pointless to buy them until October or November.) So I should totally be using them, right?

Thus the idea: create the same picture in different media. Either do one from scratch or find a nice classic that inspires me, and see how I like the effect of using the different techniques. Don't know if I'll be posting once every couple of weeks, once a month, or what, but that's the plan.

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